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Hytera BP515LF Two-Way Radio

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  • Features Include

    • Licence-free radio
    • Dual analogue and digital modes
    • High efficiency antenna for enhanced signal range
    • Digital noise cancellation
    • Ergonomic design
    • Extended battery life

    • Radio
    • Li-Ion Battery
    • Belt Clip
    • Single Charger
    • User Guide
Weight (grams)210
Power Output (watts)0.5
Frequency (Mhz)446.0 - 446.2
Number of Channels256
Battery Type1500 mAH Lithium Ion
Battery Life (hours)18

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Big on performance, big on value, the Hytera BP515LF license free digital two-way radio delivers business class communication that works on any budget.

Part of the new BP5 range that offers professional modern radio solutions at affordable prices, the BP515LF further reduces costs by making use of free-to-access public frequencies within the 446MHz band. As a so-called ‘PMR 446’ two way radio, that means you don’t have to pay for an operating license on top of the cost of the handsets.

Like many Hytera two way radios, the BP515LF operates in both analogue and digital modes to make group communication more flexible. This is a big plus point for a license-free radio, as most budget models remain analogue only. Still compatible with other PMR446 analogue radios, the BP515LF lets you enhance your business with powerful digital features like basic encryption and text messaging, just one handset at a time.

Powered by up-to-date digital technology, the BP515LF is an enhanced license-free model that outperforms similar products. It offers extended range in class and features 256 channels, providing plenty of flexibility for setting up multiple call groups within a single organisation.

The BP515LF also benefits from a built-in intelligent noise reduction algorithm that supports three-level noise reduction adjustment. Combined with a high-power loudspeaker that delivers loudness of up to 90dba and good howling suppression ability, this guarantees sound is clear and loud even in noisy working environments.

The Hytera BP515LF has a high sensitivity receiving module and high-efficiency monopole antenna to enhance signal penetration and achieve better call effects even in weak signal areas. The monopole antenna has a unique stable design and is not easy to break and bend, helping to enhance durability and also increase the radiation efficiency compared to traditional antennas. As a result, the BP515LF has extended range capable of communicating effectively at distances up to 11% further than handsets fitted with traditional antennas.

As for build quality and design, the BP515LF is a highly practical model built for reliability and convenience in the workplace. With a compact and ergonomic lightweight design, handsets lighter and thinner than similar products and are easy to carry clipped on uniforms or in pockets without getting in the way. An ergonomic design ensures it can be comfortably operated in one hand, with the main push-to-talk (PTT) button conveniently placed. An anti-slip, anti-scratch finish on the chassis helps users keep a firm grip even when wearing gloves, while protecting the device from the daily wear and tear of the workplace.

With a Type-C USB charging port, the BP515LF uses international well-known brand batteries that can be fast charged from 0 % to 100% in 1.8 hours, and will operate for 10 hours after a single hour’s charge. A full charge provides 18 hours operation.

Hytera BP515LF User Environment & Radio Ratings

Despite being light and compact, the Hytera BP515LF is built to rugged performance standards so that it can withstand regular drops and knocks. It comes with an IP54 rating for water and dust ingress, plus MIL-STD-810 G for humidity, shock and vibration.

Hytera BP515LF Two-Way Radio Performance

  • 3W high-power loudspeaker and advanced noise cancellation algorithm to eliminate unwanted background noise.
  • Up to 24 hours talk time on a single charge
  • High-efficiency monopole antenna that increases signal range compared to traditional antennas by 11%.


All Hytera radios come with a 24 hour warranty.

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