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Motorola Soft Leather Carry Case – RDP4400P1PO

You pay £15.00 (excl VAT)
Fits Radio:DP4400, DP4600 & DP4800
Complete with:Shoulder Strap

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Motorola Soft Leather Carry Case with Belt Loop

Soft Leather Carry Case for Motorola DP4000e Series Two Way Radios

Product Description

Carry your two way radio in comfort and style with this attractive soft leather carry case. Suitable for Motorola DP4400e, DP4600e and DP4800e handsets. All carry cases come with a shoulder strap and a swivel belt loop.

Additional Information

This carry case will let you operate a non-display radio without taking it out of the case. A display radio will need to be removed to use. Leather cases designed for Motorola display radios are available. For further information about all Motorola two way radio accessories we stock, please get in touch with us and we’ll be delighted to help with your enquiry.

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