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Telox M6

You pay £375.00 (excl VAT)
Subscription and Sim Card
bought at additional cost
  • Features Include

    • Seamless Connectivity
    • High-Sensitive Antenna
    • Deicated Map Button
    • Crystal Clear Audio
    • Multiple Location Service
    • Long Battery Life

    • Device
    • Fist Microphone
    • 2 Antennas
    • Power Lead
Dimensions198 x 60 x 81.20 mm with Antenna
IP RatingIP54
Number of ChannelsUnlimited

More information

The M6 is a flexible smart LTE vehicle radio perfect for wide area communication on the move. For bus companies, taxi operators, first responders, haulage firms and more, the M6 provides seamless mobile connectivity via a Lugra SIM so teams can stay in touch on the road wherever they travel to.

The M6 combines the essentials of vehicle radio with cutting edge modern technology. The dash unit features a powerful in-built 5W stereo speaker which delivers outstanding audio quality so calls can be heard even in busy traffic, with a large volume control knob to adjust as necessary.

As for other controls, there is a power button and four programmable buttons for one-touch access to chosen features. There is also an SOS button which triggers an alert to other operatives on the network and back to the base station should an emergency occur.

Aside from that, the M6 also features a 5” HD LCD capacitative touchscreen. As an Android device, the M6 doesn’t just provide universal connectivity via 4G networks for voice communications. It’s also a fully-fledged mobile computer endpoint with the option to add apps to extend functionality as you please.

The touchscreen provides easy access to the selection of apps installed and allows operatives to interact with them. The screen is designed with anti-glare properties so it remains visible even in bright sunlight, and works with gloves.

Aside from the expansion options via the Android OS, a standout feature of the M6 is the number of interface ports for adding accessories. This includes USB, 3.5mm audio jack, RS232 and an antenna port. The result is a unit that is highly customisable, with the option to add, for example, external antennas for WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS, dash cams or external speakers.

The M6 can be operated for voice communications by using one of the programmable function buttons as a push-to-talk (PTT) key. But for safer operation, it’s advisable to connect a fist microphone with PTT. Alternatively, you could choose an optional desktop mic and pedal PTT for hands-free operation whilst driving.

* Subject to internet connection

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