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VoCoVo Link

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To purchase these radios you will require an Ofcom Licence – read more about licences here or contact our team today on 01245 403520.
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You pay £700.00 (excl VAT)
  • Features Include

    • Robust
    • Lightweight
    • Crystal Clear Noise Cancelling Audio
    • 8 Users Connected
    • Easily Adjustable Headsets

    • Headsets
    • Headbands
    • Charging Dock and Hub
Battery Type:335mAh (Replaceable)
Battery Life:48 Hours
Charge Time:50% Power in 30 Minutes
Rating:IP65 (Water and Dust Resistant)

More information

Designed to bring small teams together, VoCoVo Link helps your team collaborate instantly while they work. VoCoVo Link connects everyone on your team with lightweight, comfortable VoCoVo Headsets.

When a team member starts their shift, they simply grab a Headset from the Dock, put it on and adjust it for their comfort, then touch the round button to talk to their whole team on a secure voice conference. Everyone can communicate and collaborate just like they’re standing next to each other, no matter where they’re working – indoors, outdoors, on the shop floor or in the back room.

Thanks to full-duplex technology and environmental noise-cancelling, conversations are always easy and natural because our Headsets deliver nothing but instant, crystal-clear voice. This is backed up by our own environmental noise cancelling. At the end of the day, teams return their Headsets to the Dock so they’re charged and ready for the next shift. Customers love the faster, more efficient service that connected teams deliver.

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