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The Motorola DP3661e: Top Tier Two Way Radio in Compact Form featured image

The Motorola DP3661e: Top Tier Two Way Radio in Compact Form

Motorola has launched the latest edition to its super compact DP3000e digital two way radio range, the DP3661e.

Fitting snugly into the palm of your hand, the handset is perfect for use in fast-paced, mobile environments where larger, more cumbersome models would just get in the user’s way.

But as discreet and nimble as the Motorola DP3661e is when it comes to being carried around and used on the move, in every other respect it is a two way radio heavyweight. Hardwearing and packed to the brim with high performance features, the DP3661e oozes quality and class in every way.

Small Space, Big Features

As with all two way radios, the front panel is dominated by the speaker, in this case a 0.5W unit supported by a reconfigured amplifier, advanced noise cancellation and intelligent audio to provide crystal clear audio in all situations. Although the DP3661e is about the same size as a smartphone, that is about where the similarities end, and the high quality audio over loudspeaker is a key differentiating factor.

Underneath the speaker, the compact face still manages to include a five line colour display which can show up to 200 characters of text, and underneath that there is a navigation pad and two programmable buttons. Further programmable buttons on the side of the handset make up four in total, allowing the user to configure one push access to their favourite features.

Durability and Safety

The DP3661e is custom built for use in tough industrial environments where durability and safety are equally key factors. Whether being used outdoors in construction or in heavy processing, the DP3661e is designed to last.

It is IP68 rated for dust and water resistance, and meets US military standards 810 C, D, E, F and G for withstanding shock and impact.

There are also a number of features intended to boost user safety in hazardous environments. Alongside the Emergency Button, there is a Man Down setting, which uses an accelerometer to trigger alarms if a sudden, unusual movement is detected. It also offers a Lone Worker setting for remote monitoring.

Advanced location tracking is another noteworthy feature of the DP3661e Motorola Two Way Radio. It supports not only GPS but other satellite navigation protocols like the Russian GLONASS system. This multi constellation approach to sat nav allows for more accurate location tracking outdoors over a wider area. It also supports indoor tracking via Bluetooth 4.0, which can be linked to Bluetooth beacons to pinpoint location.

The DP3661e can be operated in either digital or analogue modes, making it a flexible option for those with existing analogue radios looking eventually to migrate to the advanced features offered by digital. A new smart energy system and low voltage battery use allow the model to run in excess of 20 hours without recharge in digital mode.

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