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Your business can easily improve safety, and increase operational efficiency, by tracking people, assets and vehicles using your two-way radios.

When your employees are on the road, especially working in hazardous or dangerous locations, everyone involved feels more relaxed and secure when you can pin-point their position, using GPS-enabled radios.

With a GPS modem and receiver integrated into your radios, members of your team or the police can instantly come to the rescue of a worker who’s injured or in danger. (The GPS feature is often used in association with the Man Down facility.)

You can configure your radios to transmit the geographical co-ordinates of employees at preset  intervals, on-demand, and in emergencies.

Software applications provide dispatchers with a real-time display of fleet movements on a customised, high-resolution, colour-coded map. Dispatchers can also send directions to drivers’ radios, without distracting them on the road, by text messaging


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Benefits Of The Gps Feature

  • Track where your workers are at all times

  • Configure radios to transmit the geographical co-ordinates

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