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Industrial Radio Telemetry

Industrial radio telemetry triangulation determines the location of a radio transmitter by radical distance, direction, or the signal from two or three points. It is commonly used to pinpoint the geographic location of a user. At Brentwood, we have a range of different models that offer radio telemetry or have the radio telemetry system integrated.

What can industrial radio telemetry be used for?

You can really enhance the safety of your employees when your two-way radios can also operate as a phone. In an emergency, they will have the ability to dial 999 or call standard emergency channels, at the touch of a button. When their radios have the option to function as a phone, employees in distress can call for help where there’s little or no mobile phone coverage. They can access normal security channels without delay, even if they’re located in an underground car park or remote campus. Tunnel workers or those who work on underground trains will benefit from telemetry radio and radio telemetry equipment.

You can also broadcast emergency messages to the radio group from your own private phone network. Plus, managers and supervisors can keep in touch with them from any phone – anywhere, anytime. In addition, you can make big savings when your two way radios can turn into a phone. Because you avoid the recurring costs of mobile phones – you get better coverage, at a fraction of the cost.

Radio telemetry animal tracking

Interestingly, a digital telemetry radio system can also help with radio telemetry animal tracking, you will be able to follow and locate animals. The system is made up of three parts, the radio transmitter, radio antenna and radio telemetry receiver. The animal will wear a transmitter, this will send out a radio signal. An antenna will then pick up this signal and the receiver will beep. The closer the receiver and transmitter get, the louder the beep, therefore enabling the animal to be followed.

Benefits of the industrial radio telemetry kit

The benefits of industrial radio telemetry are members of workgroups can call up the others at a single touch. Two way radios are able to log calls and can broadcast emergency messages to the radio group from your own private phone network. A 3dr telemetry radio range can also be provided if you need a longer range.

Group calling

Group calling allows employees to broadcast an emergency situation to all two-way radios. It also means members of diverse workgroups have the ability to communicate in private with each other. System-wide calls automatically override individual and group calls, ensuring urgent messages reach every radio user at the same time.

The one-to-many feature allows members of workgroups to call up the others at a single touch. Even late entry users are able to join a voice transmission already in progress. Next-generation technology enables workgroups to share business-critical information without other radio users listening in. Your radio system automatically manages multi-group calls – giving priority to certain individuals or groups. This saves your business precious time by improving team management.

Individual calling

One of the most popular features of two-way radio systems is the ability to talk privately with a specific user. Whenever your employees need to make a one-to-one call, they simply punch in the multi-digit ID number of the person they need to contact before calling. Alternatively, they could select from the radio’s contact list.

Once the recipient receives the call, their radio will ring or vibrate displaying the caller’s ID information. They can answer with confidence knowing that no other radios on the system will hear the conversation. Just like phones, your two-way radios can log calls. Users can scroll through a recent-calls list, which reveals the source and target of the last transmissions (plus time and date information).

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Benefits Of The Industrial Radio Telemetry Feature

  • Members of workgroups to call up the others at a single touch

  • Two-way radios are able to log calls.

  • Able to broadcast emergency messages to the radio group from your own private phone network

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