Icom IC-F6400DS

You pay £411.25 (excl VAT)
  • Features Include

    • Wide UHF frequency coverage
    • Multiple controller configurations
    • IP55 dust protection and jet water resistance
    • MIL-STD rugged construction
    • 1024 channels
    • GPS receiver

    • Vehicle Mobile
    • DC Power Supply
    • Mounting Bracket Kit
    • Hand Microphone
    • Microphone Hanger
Weight (kg) 1.5
Range (km) ...
Power Output (watts) 25
Frequency (Mhz) UHF 136 - 174, 380 - 470
Number of Channels 1024
Battery Type ...
Battery Life (hours) ...

More information

The IC-F6400DS UHF digital transceiver is ideal for dispatchers and admin staff, and workers at both shipping ports and marinas. The UHF signal helps mitigate signal loss caused by man-made structures such as floors, walls, and doors, making ideal for a range of industrial applications.

The simple LCD screen on this model allows channel information to be displayed in a large font that is easily readable. The trans-reflective surface on the screen ensures visibility whether you’re dealing with glare from the sun or poor lighting conditions. A night mode setting is also available. Optional desktop microphones and external speakers are available to make operation more convenient in an indoor setting.

This radio allows for the use of 1024 memory channels with 128 separate zones and provides a wide frequency coverage in the 136-174MHz and 380-470MHz ranges. Built-in Bluetooth allows third party headsets to be connected for hands-free communication. This ensures office staff can take notes while communicating with remote personnel.

This radio can record voice digitally, capturing both incoming and outgoing communications. A 32 GB microSD card allows for up to 500 hours of recording in .wav format. Audio recordings can then be played on the radio itself, or transferred to a PC via Bluetooth or the built-in USB port for playback or archiving.

The active noise cancelling feature of this radio can filter out unwanted noise sources that could hinder communication. This can be useful in loading docks, refuelling stations, or even on oil rigs, where clarity of communication is critical. When combined with the audio equaliser function, speech audio is kept at a constant volume, regardless of how far the operator’s mouth is from the microphone.

IP-55 dust protection and jet water resistance, as well as MIL-STD rugged construction, ensure that your mobile radio will remain operational for years to come.

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