Kenwood NX-1300DE3

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  • Features Include

    • Emergency Call and Emergency Button
    • IP54/55/67 and MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards
    • Enhanced Kenwood Audio
    • UHF
    • Lone Worker Mode

    • Radio
    • Lithium Ion Battery
    • Single Charger
    • Antenna
    • Belt Clip
    • User Guide
Radio Type Digital Radios
Weight (grams) 295
Power Output (watts) 1
Frequency (Mhz) UHF 400 - 470
Number of Channels 64
Battery Type 2000mAh Li-Ion
Battery Life (hours) 14.5

More information

The Kenwood NX-1300DE3 is part of the company’s flagship NEXEDGE two way radio range. Positioned as an entry level model, this non-display handset is nonetheless packed full of features and impressive Kenwood technology, making it a great value option for general purpose communications across a range of industries.

In common with the rest of the NEXEDGE range, the standout feature of the NX-1300DE3 is that it can operate in both digital and analogue modes – not by being pre-programmed to one or the other like most dual mode two way radios available on the market, but simultaneously, making it possible to run mixed fleets.

Kenwood’s pioneering switching technology automatically detects whether a signal being received is analogue or digital, and transmits replies accordingly. This makes the NX-1300DE3 a perfect option as a so-called migration radio, allowing businesses to upgrade from analogue to digital solutions gradually and running mixed fleets in the meantime.

Given its highly competitive price point, the N1300DE3 represents one of the best-value options available for upgrading to digital anyway.

The benefits of digital include more features, better signal range and enhanced audio clarity. The NX-1300DE3 showcases Kenwood’s renowned audio expertise, with digital noise suppression and automatic gain control providing a high quality listening experience. Other digital features include TDMA 2-slot and Dual Slot Direct Mode, two different approaches to increasing channel efficiency so the network can handle more call traffic, and therefore more users.

The NX-1300DE3 uses UHF frequencies in the range 400 – 470 MHz. All two way radios operate on either VHF or UHF bandwidths, with the UHF range having the higher frequency but shorter wavelengths of the two. Shorter wavelengths do not travel as far as reliably as VHF, but they are better at maintaining signal integrity when passing through or around obstacles. The NX-1300DE3 is therefore ideal for use indoors or in built up environments.

Built with use in business and industry in mind, sturdy NX-1300DE3 handsets meet IP54 and IP55 ratings for water and dust resistance plus US military standards MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G for temperature and shock resistance. They are designed for simple, intuitive operation on the move, with a standard push-to-talk button plus VOX voice activation for hands-free use.

In addition, the NX-1300DE3 comes with a range of programmable safety and emergency alert features, including Emergency Call override and one-touch Emergency Button, plus lone worker remote monitoring wwhich requires users to check back in with the network at fixed intervals.

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