Kenwood NX-3720E

You pay £375.00 (excl VAT)
  • Features Include

    • VHF
    • Analogue and digital dual mode
    • Bluetooth
    • GPS
    • Active Noise Reduction
  • Standard Package Contains

    • Mobile Radio
    • Power Cable
    • Fist Mic
    • User Guide
Weight (grams) 1200
Power Output (watts) 25
Frequency (Mhz) UHF 400-470
Number of Channels 512
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More information

The Kenwood NX-3720E is a multi-mode vehicle mobile designed to deliver high performance, a rich range of advanced features and flexible deployment options.

Part of the Kenwood Nexedge range, one of the NX-3720E’s unique selling points is its ability to operate in analogue and digital modes simultaneously. Capable of communicating with analogue and digital handsets at once means the NX-3720E can be used as a mobile control base for mixed fleets. And like Nexedge series handsets, it is the ideal option for upgrading from analogue to digital over time.

The NX3720E is a compact vehicle mounted two way radio with 512 available channels, expandable to 1000 if required. It includes a four-line, 14-character display which supports text messaging, i.e. texts from handsets in the fleet can be viewed and read.

It comes with a built-in internal speaker, but also has a port for connecting an external speaker, and a switch for swapping between the two. There is a seven-colour LED indicator which displays the current operational mode and status of the device.

Like all Nexedge radios, the NX-3720E operates on both the DMR and NXDN digital protocols. DMR, the industry standard, allows for features such as dual slot direct mode, which doubles the number of channels available, call interrupt and encryption, ensuring communications remain secure. NXDN, Kenwood’s own digital protocol, offers advanced Type-C and Gen2 trunking options for expanding network capacity, and also supports group calling.

The NX-3720E benefits from outstanding audio quality courtesy of Kenwood’s Active Noise Reduction (ANR) technology. ANR digitally removes background noise from the signal, ensuring that only voice is received and processed at the other end to ensure clean and audible communications in all environments.

As a VHF vehicle radio, the NX-3720E is well suited to use in open outdoor environments, such as on farms, parks and nature reserves. The additional signal range you get from VHF makes it a popular choice for security and coordination at large outdoor events such as festivals or road races.

To help with the coordination of mobile teams outdoors, the NX-3720E comes with an in-built GPS antenna and receiver. This allows it to support GPS location tracking so the position of vehicles can always be monitored even in transit. It also supports Bluetooth, so hands-free accessories can be connected to allow the radio to be used whilst driving.

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