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Motorola SL4000 Ultra High Capacity Battery Cover (PMLN6745)

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Fits Radio:SL4000

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Motorola SL4000 Ultra High Capacity Battery Cover (PMLN6745)

An original replacement battery cover for the Motorola SL4000 two way radio series, the PMLN6745 offers robust protection for ultra high capacity batteries.  Manufactured from durable hard-wearing plastic, this secure battery cover provides long-lasting protection from everyday wear and tear, helping to extend battery life and boost performance for your device.

PMLN6745 Additional Information

This battery cover is for ultra high capacity 2200mAh (PMNN4459, PMNN4459A) and 2300mAh (PMNN4468, PMNN4468A) BT100 batteries only.

To see what other battery covers we have in stock for smaller batteries and other radio models, or of you would like to place an order, please contact our team of experts today.

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