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IDARO – Team Communications
Without Boundaries

Radio Meets Smartphone

IDARO - Radio + Smartphone = Smart Radio

Team Communication
without Boundaries

Ever thought how great it would be to have the reliability and simplicity of two way radios with the global coverage of mobile? We’re one step ahead of you at Brentwood Communications.

IDARO is the revolutionary smart solution that takes instant team communications to the next level. Marrying the functions of two way radios with the features of a smartphone, IDARO instantly connects your teams, across global networks, at the touch of a button, no matter the sector.

IDARO - One Device, Multiple Functions

One Device
Multiple Functions

With IDARO, there is no need to carry separate radios, smartphones, or other devices around with you. A single handset, a single contract, and you have all the communication functions you need at your fingertips.

Teams Work Better
with IDARO

Whether it’s a single conversation, a group call, or a company-wide session, IDARO is the smart solution for any organisation, bringing teams together instantly and effectively with a single touch of a button. Faster than scrolling through contact lists or setting up online meetings, IDARO is the responsive solution you need.

Always-On Global

As businesses increase their geographical reach and more and more people work from remote locations, IDARO removes the coverage limits of analogue and digital radios to connect everyone in your team, wherever they are. Utilise broadband networks with PTT communication that allows you to connect from anywhere with network coverage.

Accelerate the Flow
of Information

Customise your IDARO Solution to ramp up your team communications.

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Group Call

A single person can reach hundreds of users, organised in groups.

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Individual Call

1-to-1 private call or message outside a group.

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Task Manager & Central Command

Assign tasks to teams or individuals, get real-time status reports, and a multiscreen central command centre.

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Employee Safety

Man Down - automatic emergency notification. Fall detection with instant alert that conforms to British certification standards.

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Location & Mapping

Real-time location and Geo-fencing on a map that creates alerts, records the last location and provides coverage in enclosed environments.

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The IDARO Handset

As tough as a two-way radio, as feature-rich as a smartphone - IDARO handsets deliver the best of both worlds:

IDARO - One Device, Multiple Functions

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High quality enhanced loudspeakers and microphones

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Smartphone design ideal for office environments

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Durable devices designed for the rigours of tough working environments

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Options to pair with a variety of accessories

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Empower your team with IDARO

One Device, one App and one Data Plan are all you need to benefit from always-on, instant communication with other team members, wherever they happen to be.


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There is an IDARO solution waiting to transform your team communications here at Brentwood Communications. Already have a two-way radio system? IDARO can be integrated with your existing radio system, enhancing your current communication method. Learn more today by speaking to our experts and understand the unique benefits IDARO can bring to enhance business productivity today.

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Finance Options Available

Request more information on available finance options from our IDARO Team. Subject to terms & conditions.

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Super Deduction: IDARO qualifies against the Super Deduction capital allowance incentive. Companies can claim 130% capital allowance on qualifying plant and machinery investment. For more information, visit: www.gov.uk

Disclaimer - The Brentwood Group is not a registered financial investment, legal or tax advisor/broker.

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