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Two Way Radio Texting

As you know, there are many occasions in the workplace when voice communication isn’t practical. That’s when your employees need the ability to quickly and easily share information by sending a text or an email on their two-way radios.

Messaging is more effective when it’s hard to hear voice communications in noisy environments. It’s also ideal when users don’t require an instant response, or where speaking into a radio may disturb guests, students, customers or patients.

You can send text messages between radios; radios and dispatch systems; radios and email-addressable devices; and to remote PCs attached to radios. Whether you want less obtrusive communication, or you need to dispatch fast and flexible information – texting allows your employees to focus more on the business in hand.

Your radios can also access email via the dispatch PC. This ‘gateway’ enables messaging between radios and any device capable of sending and receiving emails. One big advantage is your employees can quickly communicate with colleagues in the field – increasing their productivity.

There is also the option for your employees to monitor and control equipment from a distance using their radios. For instance, you could link your two-way radios with door systems, so employees control access through them from a remote location. (They can also send, receive and reply to emails as text messages.)

Benefits Of The Two Way Radio Texting Feature

  • Send text messages between radios

  • Radios can access email via the dispatch PC

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