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Holiday Park Radio Communications

When we are enjoying leisure time at a holiday resort, we are hardly conscious of the constant interaction between the staff who operate these complexes.

Holiday parks typically cover a significant land mass, making an integrated radio system a must. The enhanced audio quality of Brentwood Communications’ two way radios makes them ideal for use across wide areas, and their extended battery life avoids the need for frequent recharging. For coverage at larger sites, the Motorola DP3400 digital radio will achieve the desired coverage. Smaller resorts will find the Motorola CP040 the best option.

Resorts differ, even within the same company, and so will their radio communication needs. The range of terrains and weather fronts at different holiday parks demands a system that is adaptable, hardy and water resistant. In addition, staff may need to communicate with colleagues at other sites.

Security is always paramount at a resort complex, and our two-way radios are put to good use by security staff who work hard to ensure the safety of guests and staff. In addition, holidaymakers these days are as likely as business travellers to carry sensitive equipment or information, increasing the need to be security conscious.

Slick communication is also the lynchpin of good customer service. Anything from the speed of room service to the temperature of the pool can make or break a holiday. Brentwood two-way radios enable contact between personnel working in a variety of roles, including bar staff, restaurants, cleaners and pool attendants.

Holiday park staff need to tread a fine line between being ubiquitous and discreet, and the radio system chosen needs to be complementary to the surroundings. Brentwood can supply discreet earpieces for use with the radios, allowing staff to communicate effectively, without disturbing holidaymakers who are relaxing or being entertained.


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