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Radios With Panic Buttons

User feeling threatened or vulnerable? Raise the alert at a push of a button.

Personal threats and attacks on workers almost certainly affect attendance levels, morale and productivity. Therefore it’s crucial to create a safer work environment so you can protect your workers and your business through next-generation digital two way radio technology.

If during their duties an employee feels vulnerable, threatened or under attack; they can immediately press their Panic Button. Easily identifiable on their two way radio. This allows them to quickly call for help. The Panic Button automatically dispatches a text message or tone to the person or team responsible for their security. Text message alarms can be picked up by monitoring stations, security guard radios, mobile phones, pagers and even email accounts.

You can configure dispatched alarms to display specific details relating to the button’s identity. For instance, your text messages could include the name of the person in distress, location, floor, room number (and if required, door entry code). Panic Button alarms are capable of operating reliably in multi-story buildings and large external sites.

To see how the Panic Button feature can help your business please contact us on 01245 403520.

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