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Hytera GC550 Mini 2K Body Camera

  • Features Include

    • Ultra compact design
    • 2K HD wide-angle recording
    • 9 hours battery life
    • Slide-to-record button
    • ‘Data Airbag’ security
    • IP67 waterproof

    • Body Worn Camera
    • Battery
    • Swivel Clip
    • USB-C Data Cable
    • Power Adaptor
    • User Guide
Dimensions (mm)73 mm x 48 mm x 25.5 mm
Weight (grams)115 g (with battery)
Video Resolution1080p@30fps, 720p@30fps ,480p@30fps
Storage Capacity64GB
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Battery Life (Continuous Video Recording)9 Hours
Screen Size2.0 inch

More information

The days of bulky body cameras weighing you down are over. The Hytera GC550 is a miniature marvel that packs professional performance and reliability into an ultra-compact form.

Comfortably the tiniest body-worn camera launched by Hytera to date, the GC550 is smaller than a business card and weighs a featherweight 115 grams. Supremely portable, it discreetly clips to uniforms, and is no more intrusive than wearing a name badge.

Built with first responders and security professionals in mind, the GC550’s wearable design doesn’t come at the expense of quality. A key function of body-worn cameras is to provide clear, reliable evidence of incidents which, should it be required, will stand up to legal scrutiny.

The GC550 delivers courtesy of a powerful 2K wide-angle camera. Not only is captured video crystal-clear, sharp and smooth, the 150-degree viewing angle means plenty of contextual detail is captured. Not only does this make for better evidence, it also supports better-informed decision-making while incidents are unfolding.

Another priority with body cameras designed for use in fast-paced environments is that they should be easy and intuitive to use on the move. The GC550 features an innovative sliding switch that ensures recording activation is effortless, even in high-pressure situations. A quick glance at the switch position confirms recording status, allowing users to keep focused on the situation at hand. Its ergonomic design means it is easy to operate one-handed. And its 360-degree swivel clip mounting means it can be repositioned to focus on wherever the action is taking place.

Along with ease of use, reliability is also at a premium in body-worn cameras. The GC550 is built to last throughout long shifts. Its replaceable battery boasts an impressive nine hours of continuous recording at 720p resolution. If that’s not enough, the battery can be swapped out for a replacement in a matter of seconds, without even interrupting recording. A built-in back-up battery allows recording to continue for five minutes while the main battery is changed.

Finally, the GC550 prioritises data security. Its design safeguards recorded video, automatically saving footage in case of unexpected drops or impacts.

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