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Radios for Sport and Stadia Cricket Ground Radios
The Benefits
  • Cutting-edge technology - you get the most suitable radios (and accessories) for the job
  • Hiring gives you limitless flexibility
  • No capital outlay - only pay for what you use
  • Immediate repairs and replacements avoid down-time
  • Support and set-up provide peace of mind
  • Free site surveys guarantee full coverage across the whole stadium complex

Two Way Radio Hire for Sport and Stadia

During big sporting occasions, it’s important that stewards and security teams use advanced radios. By having the latest technology at their fingertips, they can control thousands of supporters arriving and leaving the stadium within a short period. Whether they’re using their radios to give directions, to call St John’s ambulance, or to fix a malfunctioning escalator; the staff need the ability to react swiftly to situations from anywhere on-site, so they can keep the crowd safe and happy.

The two way radios you hire from Brentwood can increase the effectiveness of workers and the safety of spectators – for a lot less money. As well as offering a fast and efficient service, we supply state-of-the-art digital radios, made by the most reputable manufacturers, across every continent of the world.

The high performance radios we provide are effective, easy to use and hardworking. For this reason, stadium managers prefer to use the latest digital radios for important games. These handheld radios can provide perfect coverage, crystal-clear sound, noise-cancellation, intelligent audio, improved calling capacity, private calling, and emergency features. In addition to being tough and weatherproof, these dependable radios keep your people talking during long, arduous work shifts, without the need for recharging.


We provide dependable hands-on site support. This means we can supply a qualified member of staff (or a whole team of engineers) for the duration of the match or sports meeting, anywhere in the world, at short notice. Our aim is for you to get the most out of your hired radio equipment. For instance, these specialists willingly show you how to use your radios correctly, rectify any issues, and give you as much training as necessary. They can also advise you on how to log radios in and out (using labels and record sheets) in a systematic way. If you experience any technical problem, they can organise repairs and replacements – quickly and effectively. This includes providing a continual supply of fully charged batteries.  Wherever the special event is taking place, we will liaise with the relevant licensing authorities in that country, so you can obtain the frequencies and licences that prevent radio interference.


For large stadiums that need optimised channel capability, we install ‘Capacity Plus’. This is an intelligent ‘trunking’ solution that links up to 1200 radio users to voice and data, without the need to add new frequencies. It also saves callers the time and hassle searching for a free channel themselves.


We carry out free site trials and tests to ensure you receive razor-sharp reception from even the furthest corners of the stadium complex. Where back-to-back coverage is not feasible, we use Motorola DR3000 repeaters to boost the transmission. Even if roaming stewards are surrounded by chanting fans, the incisive sound and intuitive audio of their radios ensure they avoid missing vital messages. In addition to this, we can provide a wide range of sophisticated earpieces that can make the words even clearer.


Your two way radios are hard working, resilient and water-resistant. Meaning they continue to deliver optimum results in the harshest scenarios. Because the batteries in digital radios last up to 30 to 50 percent longer between charges compared to analogue, they will power your employees’ radios, without fail, throughout exhausting work shifts.


Unavoidably, match days expose stewards and security to personal risk – especially when operating away from their colleagues. The ‘Man Down’ and ‘Lone Worker’ alarms allow them to feel safe and secure by continuously monitoring their safety status. What’s more, ‘GPS-enabled’ radios enable the Control Room to display the locations of staff on the move in real-time. That means team members can swiftly rescue a stricken worker. Employees have the ability to call for assistance, at any time, by operating their Emergency button.


The digital radios we supply are tough, simple to operate, full of features, and reasonably priced. The progressive technology they use means your teams are empowered to work smarter, and respond more quickly. This multiplies your all-round effectiveness as well as enhancing the enjoyment and safety of audiences during scintillating sports performances.


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